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I very rarely post anything friends only, but if you've friended me, would you be so kind as to comment here and announce yourself?

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sup siha
On a happier note, I think I might have found a prom dress.  

I am not sure though. I adore the design, I just really hate sequins.  And I worry the flower on the shoulder is a little much.  But I will hunt it down in a store somewhere and try it on.  Riannon and I decided a while ago that we're going to get electroluminescent wire and sew it on whatever dresses we get because we yearn to be Daft Punk.   So no matter what dress I get, it's going to be ridonks. 

Between the snow day on Monday and staying at my mom's house for the weekend, I'm almost done with my new playthrough of Mass Effect. [SPOILERS AHOY]  It's going splendidly.  I saved Kirrahe and Wrex this time.  Used Wrex a lot more than usual, I'm not sure why I didn't like him the first time through.  He is wonderful.  What else...still got the Kaidan/Liara/femshep confrontation.  Suggested threesome, made Kaidan sad.  Killed Ashley, rejoiced. 

Also I finally got Resident Evil 4 for the wii, since my PS2 is dead.  Considering how many hours I put into the game, it's rough playing with new controls.  I used to be so good at this.  ;____;  


It looks like I'm going to Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh next month.  Wearin' my Shepard costume again yeaaaah.  I'm going to make a handgun and remake her necklace, and it's basically going to be the greatest thing ever, ngl. 

Contemplating getting red contacts for it, but they don't really make any that actually look like Shepard's weird-ass glowy renegade eyes so I guess I'll just do light scars.  That's closest to my Shep anyway, just a tad renegade. 


My friend Kelson is coming over for the Oscar's tonight.  I don't usually hang out with school friends outside of school, so I'm really looking forward to it.  I seem to be the only one of my friends who really likes one on one hanging out instead of parties, so I'm kinda glad that other people aren't showing up.  Also because there's a possibility that I will flip out and punch through the wall if something happens and I don't want everyone to have to see that.

Exit Through the Gift Shop didn't win best doc, Tron didn't get sound editing... I GIVE UP. ;_____;

blah blah daddy issues
My dad and I haven't been close since I was much younger.  The custody battles I had to go through from fifth grade through middle school tore me away from both of my parents, and no one ever fixed that.  Dad and I have a certain bro-ship now that I'm okay with.  We talk, we joke around, we manage.  There's no denying that I get my humor from him.  But I rarely talk about things that matter.  I can't bring up school stuff because he brings up how much of a failure I am, how my cousin is going to be a doctor and go to an ivy league school and I won't even get into Drexel and just end up going to Penn State and ending up like my mother.  And neither of us bring up our feelings, that would be too weird.  I don't let him see me cry.

I guess the point of explaining that was to make me sound less materialistic when I say this. My dad is pretty well off, his whole family is.  Buying things has always been the only way we've bonded.  He buys me stuff I want, or takes me out to a nice dinner, or on a vacation, and that's how he shows he cares. 
So when I called him last night as asked to go prom shopping with him next weekend (which will be the first time I've seen him in two weeks), and he said "Your mom can take you, I hate that stuff.  Besides, I might go on vacation then."
It hurt a lot.  He knows how much fashion means to me, and how long I've been looking forward to this prom, and the fact that he just brushed me off like that, and that he would rather go on vacation and not see me for a whole month...

This shouldn't bother me, after everything.  I wish it didn't, but it does.

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We had a snow day the last two days due to ice ERRWHERE.  'twas nice although I caught the stomach bug my family had.  Vomiting why are you the worst thing in the entire world?  ;__;     I went to school today though, and the stomach part of the bug seemed to be pretty calm but the headache that ensued was almost as bad.  I haven't gotten off the couch in a while because every time I take a step it is like feet in my brain.

Also, Riannon's mom is not making my life easier.  Maybe I'll explain everything she's done in more detail later, right now I just can't deal with it.  She is the most immature and selfish and irrational woman I have ever encountered.   The latest drama occurred because I defriended her on facebook after she had a gigantic fit due to some other little thing.  She found out I had defriended her, told Riannon she could never see me again, took her phone and threatened to cancel it, said she wouldn't let her go to college, and broke down crying for the first time ever in front of Riannon.
I don't even.

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So this guy that goes to Riannon's school bought her an N7 hoodie.

They aren't super close friends, they just met pretty recently, and he was obviously crushing on her a little while ago before she told him she had a girlfriend.  Also they are $60.  Kind of pricey for a freshman in high school with no job.  that didn't buy his other friends expensive gifts.

It's not like I feel threatened, I just think a man code was broken here.  But I don't think saying anything would do much besides cause drama.  I'm probably just overreacting.

On an unrelated note, I had a terrifyingly vivid guro sex dream last night and I was flustered and confused the entire morning.
Then on the way to chemistry my bra fell off.
How does that even happen.

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My rigid collodion (scarring liquid) came in the mail today and it is SO EXCITING.

I LOOK LIKE I HAVE BEEN IN A KNIFE FIGHT this is wonderful.   The scar gets deeper if you paint more layers of it, but I didn't want to waste it. 

Now I just need to finish sewing this darn femShep costume and I am going to be badass to the maximum YEAAAAAAAH

Sam Flynn, you look like a brontosaurus here.
I used to think I was a social person until I moved and found out that I'm actually a shy turtle.  And now that I found a circle to be in, I have to force myself to go out with friends instead of staying at home playing video games.
Goodness when did I become such a hermit? 
Not that this is really a bad thing.

Then again, I have a psych paper to do by tomorrow and a college app to finish, so maybe telling my friends I'd go to Cozy Thai with them was a bad idea.  But really, you try resisting delicious Thai food. 

[edit: yeah no this paper is ridiculous, Thai food will be acquired at a later date.  hnnnng] 

So, um. Hey guys.
This is kind of like awkwardly running into one of your friends at the market after you had forgotten to return their calls for weeks (er....8 months) and it's all your fault things are weird between you now.

So.  Where do I start?

I'd like to think I've grown up a lot since last time I posted.  I'm a senior in high school, and since all of my friends last year were seniors and graduated, I had to make new friends all over again.  The size of my new school still overwhelms me, but I've settled into a nice groups of friends.  It's a strange transition.  Last year I hung out with a circle of nerdy gamer guys, this year it's more of an artsy crowd.  I really like them, though I miss having people get my references.  School itself has been much better this year.  The workload is smaller, and all of my classes are pretty cool except for advanced chemistry, which is a terrible invention that I will never be okay with.   Also also!  I've been accepted to Penn State already, and I'm still writing my application for Drexel.  So that's exciting too.

Riannon and I have been together more than a year now, and things are wonderful.  We see each other almost every weekend, which can be kind of hard sometimes, but I've been getting used to it. 

My interests have changed quite a bit since last time I was on here, judging from my userpics.  Lately I've been all about Mass Effect and Tron.  And Deadly Premonition.  And Pretty Little Liars, which I only admit to some people.   Also, I just got a wii, and I am so into Animal Crossing right now.  If any of you play, TELL ME IMMEDIATELY.


[edit: I think I might delete this journal and get a new one.  I haven't wanted to be cereal_killer71 for like 2 years now but I can't really shell out the money for one of those rename tokens and also I don't really care about all of my early high school drama that's on here]

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All I make are picture posts now ahaha.  I am finding it hard to put life into words these days.  There has been drama, there has been awesomeness, but it seems like everything worth posting about can be summed up in pictures.

Prom dress acquired.

The woman helping me at the store told me I looked like a cupcake.
I kinda feel like a cupcake. 


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